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Enabling widows to have a brighter - and fairer - future

What is WRI?

WRI - Widows' Rights International a UK-based nonprofit, non-governmental organisation working for widows' human rights - something which for many widows is non-existent.


We are here because in many parts of the world - especially Africa and India - when a woman's husband dies, she doesn't simply lose everything. It's far worse than that.


For many the awful blow of losing a husband is only the first step on a grim road which leads to violence from the husband's relatives, being driven from their homes, and having to beg to survive. Some are killed outright. And even worse is that their children may suffer the same fate, or be forced into those same abusive relatives' families.


Yet this brutal injustice is largely ignored - or even quietly condoned - by their governments.


At WRi, we don't think that should be allowed to continue.


If you don't think so either, please look around our site to learn more, and discover some of the ways in which you can help to make these women's lives - and our wider world - just that little bit better.


Thank you for visiting.


What does WRi actually do?

WRi's work, together with that of other organisations, has led to recognition that widows' rights must be on the agenda of national Governments, UN agencies, and international NGOs addressing gender issues and violence against women.

We work to create networks at global, national, regional and local levels to advocate for laws to end the abuse of widows, and social policies to provide support mechanisms for them and their children.

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